Friday, August 7, 2009

That's What I'm Talking About

I value customer surveys. I've been using them since I began my business 10 years ago and they provide a dashboard view as to how I'm doing. A report card of sorts.

Being in the building business you can imagine some of the surveys we've received over the years. We've had our fair share of negative ones - and we deserved most of them.

In just the last week, I had two great experiences related to customer feedback. One was an in-person visit from two couples that bought five years ago. They shared with me their experiences over the last few years; the enjoyment of using the clubhouse; the waiting list for certain homes in the community; the annual charity spaghetti dinner; the satisfaction of living in the community.

The second was a survey response from a customer who recently closed. They had the following comment:

"Living in Stonecrest Villas is like being on a never ending vacation ! We're always excited to show relatives, friends and prospective buyers our new home. The location for us is ideal. Twenty minutes from Charlotte and the airport and a few short hours from the mountains and ocean. In general, we won't have a need for any rocking chairs. Lots of things to do !"
Now that's what I'm talking about.
That's a tribe.
Those looking for an average home (for average people) can find literally millions of new homes and thousanda of new home subdivisions. Only a few can deliver a remarkable experience. And none of it has to do with price.

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