Friday, August 14, 2009

Dress Up Thursday Club

I'm not Old Fashioned. Not even close.

I am Old School. Particularly when it comes to the clothes I wear to work. Specifically, I wear a dress shirt and tie every day. I prefer to wear a suit with the dress shirt and tie but these Carolina summer days make that impossible.

It totally shocks me the way that American businessmen dress Monday thru Friday (we'll get to weekend dress another time; i.e., flip flops). It pains me to see that the short sleeved golf shirt has become a staple of the businessman's wardrobe. Add a pair of cheap cotton pants and some loafters and you have the modern-day nine to fiver.

I'm not here to change the sartorial preferences of my peers, at least not all at once. I would, however, like to introduce the concept of Dress Up Thursday for those that may want to reinvent their work style in baby steps. We'll have our own club that distinguishes itself from AVERAGE by wearing old school busines attire each and every Thursday. This includes: dress shirt (preferably French cuffs), neck tie (bow ties don't count), dress slacks (not khakis) and dress shoes (lace-up). Three-piece suit for bonus points.

I'm not endorsing we attend major league ballgames in fedoras and seersuckers. I'm not Old Fashioned.

I am inviting you to join the Dress Up Thursday Club. Old School.

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  1. What kills me are the salespeople who rationalize too casual dress because, "That's how people dress around here." So I see in sales offices: blue jeans in Dallas; shorts in Phoenix; shirts opened to mid-torso (with medallion, of course) in Miami.

    Pride - respect - professionalism. We're missing something!