Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's All About the ENERGY, Isn't It?

It's all about the engergy, isn't it?

There's positive energy, high energy, negative energy, low energy. There's kinetic energy, electrical energy and nuclear energy. Let's, however, focus on the former. This isn't science class.

Energy creates life. Energy wins elections. Energy sells.

Energy will lead us out of this economic tragedy, but not just any type of energy. It will take Positive energy (with a dose of high energy).

Having mentioned all of that, I experienced some good energy at one of my new home developments today. A wonderful group of high (and positive) energy salespeople from Allen Tate (www.allentate.com) enjoyed a tour of the community and an awesome brunch (thanks, Sherri). By my account there were nearly 70 in attendance and the atmosphere was electric.

We didn't sell any homes today but we did create some positive energy. Thanks to those who attended and for sharing your energies. Let's keep in going!

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