Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's Okay to Snore in Public

It's okay to snore in public,
whether you're seated next to me in seat 17C, on the Red Line to Copley,
napping during your third viewing of Les Miserables at The Met or crashing
on a city street. It's okay in the sense that it doesn't violate any known
laws. It's okay in that snoring is an involuntary bodily reflex and not an
overt act one publically and knowingly chooses as a way to bother neighboring Sarasota
to Charlotte seat mates.

On the other hand, snoring in
public may be a symptom of self
absorption and a complete lack of public awareness - like texting and driving; or cutting in line at the supermarket; or
using a TelePrompTer to speak to six-year-olds..

In the case of public sleep apnea,
it's a silent self announcement that, "I really don't care if my actions
bother (or annoy or
harm you). I am going to sleep,
and likely snore (because I'm tired
or drunk or obese) and it's all about Me.

Self absorption is far too
commonplace in our great nation. It's one of the primary causes of our social
breakdown. We think far too little of the causes of our actions and how they
may affect others around us.

I don't judge you Mr. 17C, but you
snoring really bothers me.

Milliionaires and Billionaires

If I were a billionaire, I would be confused as to why I
was being compared to a millionaire.

That's like comparing a millionaire to somebody with a
net worth of $1,000. Someone that by all
definitions would be considered extremely poor.

The difference between a billionaire and a millionaire is
vast. Consider the imagery of a pile of money. A million dollars, in
denomination of $100 bills, would rise three inches from the earth. A billion
dollars, on the other hand, would rise three hundred feet into the sky.

So, while I (as this hypothetical billionaire) don't
appreciate being targeted by the political left and misguided socialists, I
really don't appreciate being compared to those whose piles of money are mere